Amend Revitalizing Anti-Age – Shampoo without Salt – 250 ml

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  • Indication: damaged hair, dry and with signs of ageing
  • This product contains no salt (sodium chloride)
  • Action: prevents and protects the hair ageing thanks to its vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects against free radicals
  • Result: Hair with less fall, stronger, with more body and volume
  • Restores shine and sparkle lost, Creatine revitalizes and adds softness, Also Increases The Elasticity lost, thanks to its wheat protein to form a protective film and eliminates the frizz

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Product description Conditions hair in depth from inside the hair fiber. Returns the strength and vitality of weakened hair, leaving younger-looking, through revitalizing assets. Indication It damaged, dry, and signs of aging hair. Active ingredients This product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride). It contains vitamin E, creatine, and wheat protein. Action Hydrates, conditions, and repairs the weakened part of the hair fiber. Reduces bankruptcy and split ends. Results Less hair fall, stronger, with more body and volume.

Clean gently restoring strength and vitality to weak hair, leaving it with a younger appearance. Formula with High Power of hydration that eliminates the Rebel look withered and controls the hair. Combat the main signs of aging hair. Did you know that the hair also aging? With the passage of time, the hair is coarse with a look and fragile, due to that it reduces the production of melanin that leaves the hair’s keratin protein (very important) and protect the natural color of the hair.




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