Brazilian Hair Mask, Deep Nutrition and Hydratation (Desmaia Fios)

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  • Mask for all types of hair.
  • G.Hair Desmaia Fios provides hydration and repair for soft, soft, beaded yarns.
  • They return the elasticity of the hair cortex with the strengthening of fiber, softness and luster of the threads.
  • 100% Brazilian


G.Hair Desmaia Fios recovers the damage caused by chemical processes, which leave the yarn fragile and porous, thanks to the combination of amino acids, vitamins, collagen and keratin, which restore strength, suppleness and closure of the cuticles. Fainting Yarn has instant anti-fuzz and anti-frizz action leaving hair super soft and intense. It also provides nutrients and amino acids for healthy hair. How to use G.Hair Fainting Wires Application Council After washing the hair, spread the mask over the wet wires and massage the wicks. Leave on for 10 minutes. Use a thermal cap to power the action. Rinse afterwards. Finish with brush and plank.




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