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Salvatore Premium Blue Gold Progressive Brush 2x1L - Salvatore

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Salvatore Premium Blue Gold Progressive Brush 2x1L - Salvatore

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*"Nutritive Blend" composed of myrrh extract, propolis extract, beeswax (protective agents that promote film and permeable sealing) and Candelilla wax (greater water retention), promote a restructuring of the inner layer, allowing an effective treatment performance and consequently greater strength and durability of hair straightening.
*Blue gold premium has concentrated formula that provides greater performance for fast and efficient implementation without fading the hair fiber.
*Its action uses the technology of taninoplastia that acts forming a protein network within the intercellular cement Cortex that when activated by the temperature of the board, provides the desired format and ensuring hair more smooth, natural and bright.
*Product 100% Original from Brazil
*Agile hair straightening, Full absorption due to Cation Magnetic Control technology


SALVATORE BLUE GOLD PREMIUM 2 X 1000ML The Blue Gold premium of Salvatore is a product that was developed from elements taken from nature, so that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair, smoothing the natural way without causing any damage to the hair. The Progressive Brush Salvatore Blue Gold nourishes and moisturizes the hair perfectly, has no formaldehyde smooth naturally without causing any damage to the wires . Exclusive formula with conditioning extracts taken from nature , is unique in the world, 0 % and 0 % Formaldehyde Carbocysteine , thus avoiding damage to health of those who use and apply the product . Being compatible with any type of chemical Progressive Blue Gold Salvatore does not contain formaldehyde and does not cause a cumulative effect and can be used whenever necessary , promotes smoothed , hydrated and gorgeous hair strands . How to use and Tips: Step 1 - DILATOR Start with cuticle opening. The ideal is to use a larger amount of dilating shampoo for better penetration of the active. For natural hair, wash 3 times. Tips: For extremely resistant hair: Dry Wash - Apply the Step 1 Dilator to dry hair with the help of a brush across the root. Massage gently to length and let stand for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly and wash for two or three more times, as needed. For colored and discolored hair: We recommend washing it normally with the Step 1 dilator only 2 times. It is not necessary to leave pause time. Do not rub too much the scalp to prevent post-smoothing oil. Check the elasticity of the wires: Take the Elasticity Test: If at the first application of the Step 1 Dilator you notice that the hair is elastic and sensitive, apply the Gold Xpress Mask to stabilize the PH of the fiber, allowing it to act for 10 minutes. Then rinse the mask and wash for once more with the Dilator Step 1. STEP 2 - IMPORTANT BEFORE USING: Take the allergy test - Perform the universal allergy test by applying a small amount to the forearm and nape of the neck, and wait a 10 minute time, if the result is positive, discontinue use. Shake the product well Dry 50% of the threads, with dryer, leaving still moist. Divide the hair in half or as you prefer. Separate into medium locks and apply with brush and fine comb. Deposit a large amount at the root of the wires and may touch the scalp. Then with fine comb pull for length and tips thoroughly dampening all wires.
Additional Information

Additional Information

barcode 783764501883
Google product type Hair Permanents & Straighteners
Level Professional
sizes 2 Ltr Keratin and Shampoo
Manufacturer Salvatore
Weight 2.0000
Country of Manufacture Brazil