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  • Heal and Restore Damaged Hair Strands
  • Promote Deep Hydration and Smoothing Effect
  • Nourishing Strengthening Healthy Frizz free
  • Tone/Neutralize unwanted yellow, gold and copper hair
  • Can be used directly after pre-lightening of hair

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BOTOX CAPILLARY PLATINUM 500ML Platinum capillary botox is an innovation straight from Brazil. Its composition Keratin, collagen, protein and 12 oils will nourish and deeply repair the hair. It helps to reduce unwanted curls and boost the color and shine of the hair. It is composed of blue pigment that will neutralize the yellowing of blond hair. When to use it? After straightening, coloring, discoloration, wicks, Japanese or permanent smoothing (can be done the same day after the technical service). You can use it between two smoothings to revive it. Also suitable for people who want to keep their hair nature while providing shine, suppleness and hydration. IT IS SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF HAIR BOUCLÉS – FRIENDS – CREPUS – RAW – DEDICATED – PERMANENT – NATURAL What are the advantages ? Repair hair damaged by coloring, straightening hair, fading and straightening. Nourishes and moisturizes dry to very dry hair. Reveals the shine of the hair. Strengthens the hair and stops the breakage thanks to the keratin and collagen that will create a protective barrier around the hair. 500ml capacity or 10 applications. Reveals the brilliance of color and protects it from fading. Facilitates blow drying and styling. Manual : Botox Platinum is used as a mask. Very simple application. Rinse hair with Deep Cleansing Purifying Shampoo or Clarifying Shampoo. Dry with a towel and divide your hair into 4 parts. Apply 50ml to 70ml of the product. Comb to distribute and remove excess product. Leave on cellophane for 20 to 30 minutes. For very dry hair: 45 min. Rinse, dry and smooth at 200 °. The result is instantaneous: Nourished hair, shiny, supple and radiant. Maintenance: use sulfate-free shampoo



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Just Keratin, Shampoo and keratin


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