Brazilian Botox Blond Platinum – Bestseller

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  • Improves the hair conditions dramatically
  • eliminate frizz
  • help the hair to recover after chemical damage
  • after use it you can also iron your hair and get a good result
  • nice arome

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The Volume Reducer is a thermo active compound, rich in vitamins and proteins. To create a anti frizz, silky and perfectly straight and natural looking hair Wash the hair. Hair Hydration Botox Blond Platinum Smooth 1Kg Recommended Blond Curly Hair. With 4 Amazing Oils delivering outstanding results: I ARGAN I OLIVA I COCONUT I MACADAMIA. BOTOX PLATINUM BLOND Developed with exclusive Argan Oil and Monoi Oil. It is an antioxidant product that deals with the health of hair, leaving it too bright and without frizz. The New Bottox Platinum has the power to rejuvenate the wires, deeply acting in the reconstruction of the hair fiber, providing high brightness, hydration, tinting and volume reduction. How to use: After washing with shampoo 50% dry and then apply the mask Bottox Blond Platinum and leave it for 15 minutes. After rinsing the hair dry, brush and divide into thin strands and finish as desired. WARNING: INFORM THE FREIGHT AND FOR BUYER’S SOLE SERA CALCULATED THE AGREEMENT VALUE WITH ZIP AND SERA PAID TOGETHER WITH THE PRODUCT IN PAID MARKET.




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