Inoar Absolut daymoist Clr 250ml

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  • For damaged or chemically treated hair
  • Instant hair recovery with penetrating action of the cuticle to the capillary cortex
  • Reduce the frizz and recompose the color and brightness
  • Prepare hair for thermal procedures by increasing the Heat resistance
  • 100% Brazilian


Inoar’s Absolut Daymoist moisturizing treatment is a high performance repairman with cutting-edge technology that leaves the hair completely hydrated and restores vitality. It also moisturizes from the cuticle to the cortex of the hair strand and intensely restores the mane. It also protects and recovers the integrity of the alpha helix, recovers elasticity, reduces frizz and brings a lot of shine. With the treatment to hydrate the Absolut Daymoist hair you enjoy a protected mane throughout the day. The moisturizing properties of this treatment were demonstrated through Confocal Raman Microspectroscopy and Corneometry technologies, both very reliable and objective. This duo is ideal for use before or after applying some chemical treatment because it provides strength to the hair, prepares it by increasing the hair’s resistance to heat and preserves the color after having applied the previous treatment. More products to take care of your blond hair here RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE OF THE TREATMENT TO HYDRATE THE ABSOLUT DAYMOIST HAIR: Moisten your hair Apply the shampoo throughout the hair extension Make gentle massages with the fingertips Rinse with plenty of water You can repeat the process if necessary Apply a generous amount of the conditioner Massage gently Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes Rinse with water Remove excess water with a towel Finish the hairstyle as you wish IMPORTANT: Follow the recommendations for use Locate the product in a cool place Avoid contact with the eye area Product to use only ene ene Keep out of reach of children Do not use on scalps with allergies In case of sensitivity, suspend use KIT PRODUCTS: 250ml shampoo 250ml conditioner




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