INOAR Duo Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Kit 250 ml

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  • Powerful maintenance
  • Smooth and condition
  • Hydrate the hair strands
  • Restores the shine and the silky texture of your hair
  • It is suitable for daily use


reatment cream formulated with an exclusive combination of keratin, macadamia and wheat proteins. It has an action of high conditioning that recovers the structure of the hairs, keeping them soft, healthy and very bright. A treatment for hair without similar, besides promoting the repair and maintenance of hair fibres. It is easy to use and can soften, soften, hydrate and restore hair protein. How to use: Wash your hair as usual. Apply enough wet hair MASK focusing on the most damaged areas. Leave on for 15 minutes with the plastic lid and the heat and a maximum of 30 minutes with the plastic lid.




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