Inoar Moroccan Brazilian Keratin Treatment Blow Dry Hair Straightening Kit Multi


  • NSTANT RINSE wash hair after 1 hour
  • Suitable for ALL HAIR TYPES
  • Restores damaged areas and reduce volume and frizz
  • It contains keratin, white clay and cacao oil. Its formula, rich in minerals, re-establishes the natural beauty of the hair.
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Inoar Deep Cleansing Shampoo (Step 1): With a balanced pH, cocoa extract and keratin, the shampoo cleans and moisturises the strands preparing them for the active reactions of the treatment. Inoar Keratin Treatment (Step 2): It is very rich in Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ, Penthanol, White Clay, Cocoa Butter, Hydrolysed Keratin and KEM3 Complex. Its active agents leave the hair smooth and shiny. It is very suitable for medium and fine hair. Depending on hair type and condition, it reduces the volume and straightens 100% with long-lasting results (up to 3 months). Also, it is compatible with any chemically treated hair. Application Set you will need (no provided) Large bowl, brush-comb, 2x sectioning hair clamps, 7ml finishing hair oil, disposable gloves and instructions. Steps and Results Advisory: Do a skin & strand test before using this treatment. Always wear gloves. For best results colour process should be done 15 days before applying INOAR treatment, otherwise, we recommend applying an ammonia free colour or waiting 15 days after the treatment to apply permanent colour. Pre-test: Apply a small amount of step 2 to an area of approx 1cm to the region of the arm or the neck 24 hours before using this treatment.



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