Lizze Extrême Titanium Hair Straightener 250 ° C 220 W…

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  • Pass the plates 16 to 4 times: the Brazilian straightener Lizze Extreme Titânio 250 ° C, the best straightener in the world.
  • Lizze, the smoothing expert since 2009, is always on the lookout for new products and brings you the latest trends in straightening and hair care. Professional quality with natural products.
  • Lizze is a Brazilian manufacturer of hair straighteners, hair dryers and trimmers. The brand offers innovative and effective products for the hair.All products sold by Lizze are certified by Inmetro (the official certification body in Brazil), guaranteeing quality and efficiency, in addition to undergoing quality control before being put on the market. Today, Lizze is recognized for the excellence of its products.
  • We prepare you shipment within 24 hours and fast delivery from Spain.
  • For more than 10 years, Brasil Lizze has been able to forge long-term relationships of trust in order to guarantee supplies and satisfy its customers. Brasil Lisse sells its products worldwide to private customers but also to professionals.


The Extreme Titânio 250 ° C straightener from Lizze, Brazilian manufacture is currently the best straightener in the world. Depending on the salon, the purchase of this straightener becomes profitable in 1 to 3 straightenings. It offers real working comfort thanks to its advantages: Weighing 300 grams, it is light. The length of its plates makes it possible to grip long strands The medium-sized width makes it possible to catch both small and long hair Its slightly spring-loaded plates provide a stable grip of the wick Nano titanium technology guarantees warmth better diffused, a constant temperature, that is to say without loss of temperature during smoothing Performance comparison table Number of passes of the plates Standard straightener Lizze Extreme straightener Conventional straightening 7 to 10 times 5 times MAXIMUM * Organic smoothing 16 to 20 times 8 to 10 times MAXIMUM * * Do not exceed the prescribed number of passes otherwise you will waste time unnecessarily The titanium technology of the Lizze Extreme straightener allows the hair to work more quickly, even when using at reduced temperature as for work on fine, fragile, highlighted, colored, bleached hair. In fact, the thermal performance of the Lizze Extreme straightener is not the only reason that allows the number of passes of the plates to be reduced so much. The exclusive technology and choice of materials of this straightener also help to make it so easy to use. PLEASE NOTE: Your are required to purchase separately the British adaptor to conect the itemm as this one has an European plug.



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