Omnia Keratin without Formaldehye

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  • String hair well taken care, light, well nourished and soft
  • 100% Original Product of Brazil
  • Without formaldehyde
  • Lasting Effect
  • Contain minerals


Cosmetics Omnia has developed a line based on the energy Guarana, creating the healthy hair with a soft, leaving the roots hydrated and the brightness. Effective in the fight against frizz. How to use: 1. Apply shampoo on wet hair to gently massage the scalp with buttons of the fingers in a circular motion, then rinse to remove all products dry. This is 80% for the application of reducing the amount of conditioner. 2. 80% after shampooing and drying hair, apply hair volume reducer Omnia strand by strand hair with the help of a brush through the head, paint so the product to ensure good distribution. Let stand for 30 minutes. Return to clean the hair and remove the product completely. Return to the chair to smooth and blend. Apply the smoothing iron per piece until the hair cuticle is locked and the hair completely smooth 3. After washing with a volume of air reducer caulk, apply the mask thermique to wet hair, massage scalp with a ring in the shape of a finger, for a few minutes. And then rinse.




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