Salvatore Premium Blue Gold Progressive Brush 2 x 1L – Salvatore

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    • “Nutritive Blend” composed of myrrh extract, propolis extract, beeswax (protective agents that promote film and permeable sealing) and Candelilla wax (greater water retention), promote a restructuring of the inner layer, allowing an effective treatment performance and consequently greater strength and durability of hair straightening.
    • Blue gold premium has concentrated formula that provides greater performance for fast and efficient implementation without fading the hair fiber.
    • Its action uses the technology of taninoplastia that acts forming a protein network within the intercellular cement Cortex that when activated by the temperature of the board, provides the desired format and ensuring hair more smooth, natural and bright.
    • Concentrated creamy and consistent texture product




he Blue Gold premium of Salvatore is a product that was developed from elements taken from nature, so that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the hair, smoothing the natural way without causing any damage to the hair.

The Progressive Brush Salvatore Blue Gold nourishes and moisturizes the hair perfectly, has no formaldehyde smooth naturally without causing any damage to the wires. Exclusive formula with conditioning extracts taken from nature is unique in the world, 0 % and 0 % Formaldehyde Carbocysteine, thus avoiding damage to the health of those who use and apply the product.

Being compatible with any type of chemical Progressive Blue Gold Salvatore does not contain formaldehyde and does not cause a cumulative effect and can be used whenever necessary, promotes smoothed, hydrated and gorgeous hair strands.

Salvatore Blue gold Premium – How to use:

Wash hair with shampoo dilator Step1 Blue Gold cuticles, massaging gently with the fingertips, without rubbing the scalp, until frothy.
Spread evenly throughout the hair, rinse with plenty of water
Repeat the process three times, the third let the product act for 20 minutes and then rinse.




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